What are the benefits of your employees becoming governors?

  • Your staff will acquire new skills
  • You will influence standards in the future workforce
  • You will build stronger links with local communities
  • You will help give every young person a better and more relevant education

Employers can really benefit from involvement with schools and colleges. This is particularly true of staff serving as governors. It helps staff develop valuable skills; enables employers to play a positive role in their community; and allows them to offer an employer perspective to the running of the school or college, its strategy and curriculum.

Many of the skills governors acquire are skills that staff might not otherwise develop until much later in their career. They acquire board-level strategic leadership skills and the experiences of working as a senior team. These are valuable skills that governors can bring back into the workplace, which come at no cost to the employer.

For high-calibre senior executives there are also opportunities to take the next step and join the Board of a multi-academy trust as a trustee, gaining valuable experience in a challenging environment of corporate governance.

A recent study by City of London Corporation found that 67% of staff [who volunteered as governors] had improved influencing and negotiations skills and 71% reported a skill gain in team working. It also showed that 39% of governors reported improved financial skills such as planning budgets compared to 10% across all types of volunteers.

The research also found strong, positive effects of being a governor on employee engagement with their company ethos and goals. It found increased levels of motivation and morale, job satisfaction and commitment as a direct result of the opportunities afforded by their volunteering experience.