What is involved in supporting employees to be governors?

The support that governors tend to value most is flexibility around working hours and the ability to occasionally take some time off work. Most employers find that the benefits that they realise far outweigh the investment that is needed to offer this type of support.

Once employers start to recognise and realise the benefits of their staff being governors, many develop more systematic ways of promoting and supporting it. This can involve:

  • regularly recognising and celebrating their governors, the skills they are developing and the impact they are having
  • actively encouraging more staff to become governors as a matter of social responsibility and as part of staff learning and development programmes; including advertising specific governor vacancies in local schools
  • helping staff become better governors through a peer-support network that allows staff to share their experiences and learn from each another
  • encourage your experienced governors and senior executives to take the next step up to a trustee position at a multi-academy trust.