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Looking for governors or trustees?

Inspiring Governance is the national online matchmaking service which connects skilled volunteers interested in serving as governors and trustees with schools and colleges. It provides free, expert support for volunteers and governing bodies, as well as for employers wanting to run programmes for their staff serving as governors.

Benefits for schools & colleges

  • Free, secure service
  • Search quickly and easily for the skills and expertise needed by governing boards
  • Find local volunteers from a wide range of professions and sectors, such as finance, human resources, law and marketing
  • Hands on support available
  • Free induction, support and expert advice for new appointments

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How do I sign-up?

  1. Click Sign-up’ and select ‘To find governors for your school – register here’ on the top right of this page.
  2. Follow the registration steps.
  3. Go to the ‘Find Volunteers’ tab and search for suitable volunteers.
  4. Send them an invitation and wait for them to respond!
  5. If you can’t find any suitable volunteers click the ‘Can’t Find Suitable Volunteers’ button and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

If you are seeking recruits on behalf of a number of schools (e.g. Multi-Academy Trust, Local Authority, Diocese) please select the option To find governors for multiple schools – register here’ on the top right of this page. We will then be in touch to discuss your requirements.

How does it work?

Inspiring Governance uses smart online technology which already engages over 6,000 schools and 32,000 volunteers registered across the country. Volunteers sign up online for free. They come from a wide range of professions and sectors, with skills and expertise in areas such as Finance, Human Resources, Law, and Marketing. Recruiting boards can search easily and quickly for the skills and experience they need.

Once placed, your new governors/trustees will have access to a dedicated helpline, provided by the National Governors’ Association,designed to support them through their first year in the role. NGA help covers:

  • Understanding the role and responsibilities of governing
  • Understanding the core functions of the governing board
  • Becoming effective as quickly as possible
  • Staying motivated and committed to school governance

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions about signing up, recruiting a governor, volunteering or setting up an employer scheme? Contact us at: or call 020 7566 4880

Why volunteer?

Matt Miller
Really effective governing bodies are high performance winning teams; everybody has a key role to play, they understand how their particular skills contribute to the school’s overall strategic direction and they share a vision based on success for every child and young person. That is why, every year, my governing body undertakes a very honest and in-depth self-review where we assess what we need to achieve next, how we are going to do it and who is going to do it. This annual review of our purpose, structure and membership has been key in moving forward and was very important in our governance being described as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted.
— Matt Miller, National Leader of Governance, Chair of Governors, Highlands School
Becky Crichton-Miller
The skills and needs of a governing body are changing fast and it is increasingly important for schools to find the right people to make a strong and effective board. We've had some great successes finding highly skilled and committed accountants, lawyers and communications experts from outside our immediate community. They have made a very real difference to our ability to support and improve our school.
— Becky Crichton-Miller, Chair of Governors, William Tyndale Primary School
Ruth Agnew
I work with a lot of governing bodies and a significant issue for many of them is finding the right governors. Getting the right people around the table, with the right mix of skills and experience, is key to effective governance.
— Ruth Agnew, National Leader of Governance, Cheshire
Emma Knights
Being a school governor is an incredibly important role that makes a difference to the lives of children, young people, and the local community. Building a successful team is all about achieving balance and diversity in skills and experience and then investing in the development of people. But we understand how tricky this can be in some areas of the country, which is why we are a founding member of the Inspiring Governors Alliance and why we put together cutting edge resources for our members - many of which you’ll find available in the key resources section this website.
— Emma Knights, Chief Executive, National Governors’ Association
Lucy Kibble
Doing a fundamental review of our purpose and whether the governing body had the right structure and membership has been transformational in helping us move forward.
— Lucy Kibble, Chair of Governors, Weaver Primary School