Case study: The benefits of recruiting for skills: Weaver Primary School, Cheshire

Reconstituting from 16 to 12 members helped Weaver Primary School in Nantwich look at everything objectively. It has created a much more active, cohesive and focused team of people with much more effective governing body meetings. Recruitment is now focused on skills and a regular comprehensive self-evaluation process provides a chance to assess the governing body’s knowledge, activity and impact on school improvement.

Governing body Chair, Lucy Kibble, says the changes were driven by a need for a smaller, tighter and more dynamic governing body, and getting the right people in the right places. She believes this ‘back-to-basics’ approach has reinvigorated governance in the school, which will in turn drive further the rising attainment and achievement of its children.

Head teacher, Gill Price added “It was very much a drive to achieve outstanding, and to ensure governors had the right skills and focus to support this.”