The importance of skilled and effective governance

Your governing body has a vital strategic role. The Government and Ofsted have high expectations of your ability to hold your headteachers and principals to account and drive improvement.

While you have a constitution that determines the number and type of people who will make up your governing body, once around the table, all your governors must simply govern in the best interests of learners. This means that you need to recruit governors not primarily because of who they are, but because of what they can contribute to the effective working of your governing body.

You can see Lord Nash speaking about the role of governors and read about his vision for the need for more skilled governing bodies.

NGA encourages all governing bodies to use a skills audit to help them identify any skills and knowledge they still need to deliver their functions effectively. You can find the audit here:


Lord Nash
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There can never have been a more important time in our country’s recent history to be involved in education, and we need skilled and motivated governors who are committed to transforming our schools.
— Lord Nash, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Schools
Graham Stuart MP
Improving school governance is not only an education issue, it is one of strategic national importance for the future of the country. Good governance is key to aligning education with the real world and especially the world of work.
— Graham Stuart MP, Chairman of the Education Select Committee