What does being a governor involve?

As part of the team, a governor’s role is to:

  • get to know the school or college and gain a good understanding of its strengths and weaknesses
  • be prepared for and contribute actively to discussions at meetings
  • always act in the best interests of all young people
  • attend training to enable them to perform their duties to the best of their ability.

A governor can expect to volunteer for the equivalent of about six to ten days per year, but this is likely to increase if the governor takes on the responsibility of Chair of the governing body, or Chair of a governing body committee. Some time may be during the day but much will be in the evenings. This includes time for meetings, background reading and school or college visits.

Being a trustee at an academy trust involves a similar amount of time, but you would be expected to bring senior experience and would be involved in more strategic decision-making, such as whether to grow a group of schools.

Many employers have a programme or policy in place to support volunteering. Being a governor helps people gain a range of new skills that employers value.

To see more about the role of a governor, read this role description.