Case studies

Tom Gardiner post image

Tom Gardiner

I think people my age have a unique perspective on education. This is an untapped opportunity to develop governance of our schools.

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Richard Aggus post image

Richard Aggus

I think people should volunteer if they want to make a difference to the education and employment prospects of our young people - after all they are the ones that will help pay for your…

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Lawayne Jefferson post image

Lawayne Jefferson

 I get a sense of achievement and satisfaction from watching the school grow from strength to strength, expanding my involvement to more schools in Bristol and supporting more young people. It is gratifying knowing that, although…

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Tasha Parkhouse post image

Tasha Parkhouse

Having been a governor for 3 years I think one of the most rewarding aspects of the role is seeing a development in the quality of the school’s facilities and functions.

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Rosemary Bolton post image

Rosemary Bolton

Governors lay the foundations for the success of a school in many ways like a board of directors. You make decisions that most of the school is unaware of, but you are doing so with…

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Lin Keen post image

Lin Keen

My legal skills have helped tackle specific issues faced by the school and more generally my experiences in interacting with people from diverse backgrounds.

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